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Trihund Solutions provides practical & easily implementable technology solutions to the challenges faced by large organisations due to the ever changing work scenarios.

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There are many ways of doing a thing. The skill lies in making things simple. From product design, implementation to on-boarding, being simple is the backbone of our decision making.

Custom built for you

Each organization is different and each department inside an organization is also different. These departments interact differently in different organizations. We customize the products to suit your organization's culture and deeply link it to your legacy systems to ensure you hit the ground running.

Look to the future

Change is the only constant. In this dynamic world, organizations are changing. And technology is changing with an expedited rate. There is a lateral shift in technological landscape. We invest heavily in our product development to stay abreast of technology and security standards. Our prime focus is on technology to ensure that you can focus on your business.


You can browse the latest products in our portfolio. We developed these products for our clients for different corporate purposes. Team Trihund is always ready to create something unique for you.

SamayLa is a blanket application and a work management tool. Because of it’s patent filed nested task structure, it can accomodate versatile use cases. SamayLa allows you to break a task down into infinite levels and interact at each level in a contextual way.

Processes can be automated to seamlessly fit in to the task structures (RPA - Robotic Process Automation). We have recently successfully automated the agent management process for an Insurance client leveraging task structure of SamayLa.

Organizations spend a large percentage of their overall cost on sales force. And hence, organization would prefer them selling rather than entering data in complicated systems. Linked with SamayLa, provides a simple intuitive solution which drastically reduces the time spent on admin activities. Coupled with advanced reporting, it gives the CSO the power to keep a finger on the pulse of the on-going activities in sales.. This is in private beta stage.

Coming soon
Coming soon

Custom and predefined templates ensure you can standardize the repeat processes. e.g., HR onboarding, technology development, marketing campaigns etc.

One click advanced custom reporting in SamayLa gives you the live status of the progress and allows for immediate interventions as and when required.

Linked with emails, it ensures you get notifications on the go which you can simply respond to over the mail also.

Custom integrations with legacy systems, OneLogin, JIRA, BOX, Google Drive and many of your favorite tools.

A new age social network - for organizations and/or individuals. Unlike other social networks, the magic sauce lies in giving the user control over what they see unlike the current social networks. In private beta stage.

Coming soon
Coming soon

PERFIGAM is an HR review management system which minimises the recency effect in performance reviews and gamifies the employee feedback to increase transparency, employee engagement, and performance.

PERFIGAM is also integrated with SamayLa and it is currently in private beta stage.

Board of Directors

Major General Bhutani (AVSM, PVSM) is a dynamic, multi-faceted professional with distinguished career profile spanning nearly 38 years of service in the Indian Army. A veteran of 1971 Indo-Pak War, General Bhutani, during his long career, has held some very sensitive, responsible & challenging military positions.

Having plunged into business at an early age of 18, Mr. Naveen Khandelwal, has emerged as a seasoned & very successful businessman. Besides Trihund Solutions Private Limited, he is also a Director in multiple reputed companies.

A very capable, mature and pleasant personality, Mr. Alok Jain has been associated with our organisation since its inception. An entrepreneur in his previous avatars and having been the CEO of over six organizations, he has developed an enviable & analytical mindset. An asset to the organization.

Varun Bhutani is the founding director of Trihund Solutions & the CEO of SamayLa. With over a decade of experience spread across Asia, Europe & U.S.A, he has been exposed to the nuances of various industries. He has also been the founding member of two organizations: a management consulting firm & one not-for-profit organization in the field of education.